Posted by: JanF | September 1, 2011

The Waxing Crescent

Yesterday evening the waxing crescent moon appeared in the western sky just after sunset.

Waxing Crescent

As usual, it was stunningly beautiful and as usual, the photograph I took of it did not do it justice.

The waxing crescent is one of the most hopeful moons. Arriving just after the new moon and its darkness, the crescent is the first visible sign of growth and energy. As the moon wanes, personal energy wanes with it. Working through the waning moon cycles takes more and more effort and it sometimes feels as though nothing positive is happening.

With the waxing moon, energy starts returning. The best time to start new projects is at the waxing moon because, while the energy increases gradually, it is increasing. The moon’s energy will work with you instead of against you.

When nature has a plan and a pattern, we should follow her lead. Just like paddling upstream and walking into the wind are difficult, keeping personal energy levels high when the moon is waning is a challenge.

Take the energy from the waxing moon (it is a gift from the goddess!) and start a new project or develop a new idea or simply enjoy the beauty.

Bright blessings to all.



  1. Use the energy the earth gives you.

    Just like geese migrating in a v-formation use the upwash from the lead bird to make their flight easier, we can use the moon’s energy to accomplish our goals.


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