Posted by: JanF | September 14, 2011

Silly season is officially over …

They say August is the cruelest month in politics. Congress is on vacation and the only thing going on in politics is talking about politics.

On September 8th, the president addressed a joint session of Congress and laid out his American Jobs Act. He is taking his message on the road and daring the Republicans, supposedly elected on the jobs jobs jobs platform, to vote against jobs and infrastructure.

And signalling the end of silly season.

Yesterday in the Senate (color me shocked!), a disaster relief bill was passed with 8 Republicans breaking the filibuster:

Senate Democrats were successful the second time around Tuesday, narrowly advancing a $7 billion disaster aid package that Republicans blocked a day earlier.

On a 61-38 vote, all 53 members of the Democratic caucus and eight Republicans from disaster-afflicted states agreed to move forward on legislation that would help areas of the country hit by Hurricane Irene and recent tornadoes, flooding and wildfires. Sixty votes were needed.

Republicans who cast an “aye” vote were Sens. Roy Blunt of Missouri; Scott Brown of Massachusetts; John Hoeven of North Dakota; Dean Heller of Nevada; Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania; David Vitter of Louisiana; and Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, both of Maine. In Monday’s failed 53-33 vote, Toomey had voted no, while Sen. Dan Coats of (R-Ind.) had voted yes.

The Republicans had wanted a smaller bill and they wanted to attach it to the hostage-taking October 1st budget extension because nothing says “Republican Ideology Trumps All” like using disaster victims as pawns. Except maybe cheering for someone to die.

And if you ever wondered about the phrase “All politics is local” look no further than this: “eight Republicans from disaster-afflicted states“. And three of them are up for reelection in 2012 in states won by Barack Obama in 2008.

Now the ball is in House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s court. Let’s see if “all politics is local” trumps ideology.

Got any popcorn?



  1. The Senate rushes to pass a FEMA reauthorization bill?

    Pass the smelling salts!

    Then get that popcorn started …


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