Posted by: JanF | September 17, 2011

Saturday Videos – September 17, 2011

Saturday dawns and this is my excuse to spend time on the Comedy Central web site to “find” one or two videos to share.


Stephen Colbert – The Colbert Report

Take a Billion, Leave a Billion

Swiss financial giant UBS reports a $2 billion loss from rogue trades, and while that sounds like a lot, it’s only a fraction of what they lost through authorized trades.

May I have another Colbert with that? Yes, you may!

CNN-Tea Party Republican Debate

Debates are supposed to help Americans find the Republican presidential candidate, but instead they found the running mate.


Jon Stewart – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart


The Humanization of Dick Cheney

With the release of his tell-some book, Former Vice President Dick Cheney is saying, “Hello, world. It’s me, Dick.”




  1. Colbert finds that The Grim Reaper would make a most excellent running mate for any of the Republican 2012 presidential candidates.

    Vote for Perry and Death in 2012

    Vote for Bachmann and Death in 2012

    Vote for Romney and Death in 2012

    Vote for Generic Republican and Death in 2012

    It is clear to me … and funny by Colbert. 😉

  2. Loved the Colbert clips…I don’t have cable, so I missed the debate…if we don’t use this beat the repubs over the head with…been learning this week…A lot of fierce people are very hurt and even if I don’t always agree, their pain is real, no answers only questions on this subject…can’t forget, because no one should feel left out, I will try to embed vids with lyrics or cc…I get the feeling BPI is not a real university….smileycreek is feeling fierce, I even saw her use the f-word, without ***’s…not really sure it was her, she either has login problems or her and paradise50 are the same person…community norms, how about, “We only tease the ones we love, if we don’t tease you, we’re probably indifferent”…I’m trying out a new failsafe sig line, I’ll share Monday…”no plumber cracks”, that would be no fun, besides I pull my best estimates out of my plumber’s crack…and yes BR, my little one and I will call my mom this afternoon…does navajo do anything besides take pictures, eat, drink and sing?…well i guess sometimes she lounges on the couch with wine and laptop…tell sidepocket, the gophers were up early this morning, now wipe that sleep from your eyes and go get them…I think I might be learning about “cross-posting” tonight at 6pm PDT…I think I’m going to like this for more than one reason…in the words of PP, “thoughtful” and my I add “well reasoned”…because words have meaning…I’m entering the the dinner lotto…if I win, I will report back…GTP, laserhaas Obama, dinner, now that should go well…hope it ends with a shower scene…

    • p.s. to pp, if we could get sidepocket to trap the blood clot fairy, I will ‘whaca-whaca’ him with my pipe wrench…break a leg good luck and well wishes to you, GTP

      • uugghh…I need more html lessons…’break a leg’ was meant to be strike-thru.

        • I hope so! One should not joke about that. 😉

          Quite a lovely comment, GTP.