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This Week’s News and Views – September 17, 2011

This Week’s News and Views looks at news stories from the past week with added commentary and perspective.

The Party of LifeBS was on full display last week as it swung from Execution Blood Lust to Cheering the “Death” in Death Panels.

GOP front runner Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) was surprised to find out that outside of his echo chamber (aka The Republican Primary), people really do like Social Security and that the Supreme Court is not impressed with his quest to add to his already gaudy numbers as Best Darn Executioner in Texas.

But nothing stings like an endorsement from The Donald for “Jim Perry” except maybe a rebuke from Liberty University to the GOP candidates excluding perhaps Jon “Look at me, I’m Different!” Huntsman.

GOP = Death? Not news. Donald Trump wants attention? Not news. Jon Huntsman positioning himself for 2016? Not news.

So on to the real news.

President Obama not worried

Perhaps buoyed by the increasingly deep pile of manure that the Republican presidential candidates insist on stepping into, President Obama reminded his supporters that this election was somewhat different from the last one:

Speaking to small audience of Democrats Thursday night, Obama acknowledged the jitters on his side, and jokingly reminded his audience of just how improbable their conversation was in the first place.

“Now, I know that, over the last couple of months, there have been Democrats who voiced concerns and nervousness about, well, in this kind of economy, isn’t this just — aren’t these just huge headwinds in terms of your reelection?,” Obama said.

“And I just have to remind people that — here’s one thing I know for certain,” he continued. “The odds of me being reelected are much higher than the odds of me being elected in the first place.”

Recent polls show that voters are not warming up candidates who are auditioning the Grim Reaper as their running mate or calling the most popular government program, Social Security, a Ponzi scheme.

Recalling Milwaukee County

Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) is having a difficult time recalling anything about his days as Milwaukee County Executive. The FBI, on the other hand, will likely help him with his memory as they were busy raiding the home of a longtime crony aide in an ongoing investigation.

One of the most egregious failures of Wisconsin “journalists” (and editorial writers) was the free pass that they gave Scott Walker during the 2010 gubernatorial campaign as they failed to report on any of his questionable dealings as Milwaukee County Executive. Some of those dealings led to costs of hundreds of thousands of dollars to Milwaukee County taxpayers, an investigation by a real journalist, Rachel Maddow, and the governor’s chosen replacement, Rep. Jeff Stone, being soundly defeated by Democrat Chris Abele to fill the seat Walker vacated when he became governor.

Fingers and toes crossed that the investigation finds fire where there is smoke and saves us the time and trouble of recalling Scott Walker.

Revisionist history

On the heels of the announcement by Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren that she will be running against against faux “Wall Street Reformer” Senator Scott Brown (R-MA), I worry about Sen. Brown running into presidential candidates Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) racing in the other direction. Okay, I lied. I do not worry about them bumping into each other but for some reason Keystone Kops comes to mind.

Rep. Bachmann, trying to pump up her Wall Street First credentials, is upset that banks are suffering from Obama Administration policies despite record profits (Facts? Who needs Facts?).

And Gov. Perry, who took some whacks at Wall Street over bank bailouts finally got the memo that he will need their money to get elected. Oops.

Let them eat leftovers

One more news item because this is too funny to pass up. Deadbeat dad Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) was rebuked by the judge in his child support hearing for not showing up:

Cook County Circuit Judge Raul Vega also wanted to know why Walsh wasn’t in court Wednesday — the McHenry Republican’s ex-wife, Laura Walsh, was there — and initially said he expected him to show up for the next hearing.

In court, Walsh’s attorney, Janet Boyle, asked Vega “for what purpose” he wanted the congressman in court.

Vega gave her a puzzled look — to which Boyle responded: “Mr. Walsh is a U.S. congressman.”

“Well, he’s no different than anyone else,” the judge replied.

It is possible that Rep. Walsh decided that having his children poor would not be that big of a deal because, as Senator Rand Paul (R-Galt) pointed out, “poor children are much healthier now” than they used to be.

Indeed. And Republicans are much more likely to show their true colors as they add “Recording Devices” (and court transcripts!) to the list of things that they deny the existence of.



  1. In 2006, a citizen journalist following a Republican Senate candidate recorded his “actual words” prompting an outcry about how unfair that was … and the loss of that seat for the Republicans.

    In 2012, Republican candidates will be asking for journalists to ignore what they have previously said or done. Let’s hope that the press does not respond by being “journalists”.

  2. Did you mean…Jon “look at me, because I’m at least half sane” Huntsman?

    Scott Walker…FBI…let the games begin.

    Great stuff…fun read.

    • Thanks, Glen. Sometimes the news needs a bit of snark.

      The only bad thing about a Scott Walker indictment is that the Lt. Gov. is Rebecca Kleefisch, former anchor person and gay basher. We might be better off just recalling Walker.