Posted by: JanF | October 8, 2011

Saturday Videos – October 8, 2011

Saturday dawns and this is my excuse to spend time on the Comedy Central web site to “find” one or two videos to share.


Stephen Colbert – The Colbert Report

Chris Christie 2012

Uncertainty about Chris Christie’s candidacy reaches the theoretical quantum state first postulated by Heisenberg in 1927.


Jon Stewart – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Parks and Demonstration

America cannot expect a bunch of disenfranchised park-dwellers to come up with a solution to its economic woes — they have a political ruling class to do that.




  1. Jon Stewart finds right-wing hypocrisy (I know I know: not too hard to find). But the tea party leaders claiming that their astro turf group is the true populist movement is nonsensical. At least the OccupyWallStreet folks know who the enemy really is. The tea partiers were angry at people who would take away their Medicare … and elected people who voted in lockstep to eliminate Medicare:

  2. Hi Jan…..the view from your porch is lovely. My maple trees are starting to turn color now too. I love watching the seasons change in my old trees.

    It is also good to have a protest movement I can support and understand….one with no guns and ugly mean signs….imagine that!

    I signed in as a guest today as I seem to have messed up the worldpress log in. If I can’t fix it I’ll send a “Help me” email.

    Thanks for sharing the view from North Central Blogistan!

    • Thanks for visiting, princesspat. I agree … this movement is really easy to understand. We are the 99% and they are the 1%. They were given government bailouts and did not lose anything. The 99% lost a lot. Shared sacrifice means all 100% … not just those of us who do not have lobbyists.

      I was pleased to see that Nancy Pelosi it behind this movement. I would like to see it help us return her as the Speaker of the House.

      I love Fall. I am going to keep posting photos off my deck to share my View and my Views.

      (You can continue to post as a guest but as a Subscriber you get the updates when I post).