Posted by: JanF | October 11, 2011

Light from the full moon

Tonight is the full moon. Every 30 days or so, the reflection of the sun on the moon makes her face completely visible to us. When the night is clear, we can see the light. When it is overcast, as it is expected to be where I live, we are left to imagine the light as we feel the energy.

The cycles of the earth signify hope. From the short cycle of day to night and back again to the longer cycle of the seasons, they remind us that whatever we are in at the moment is not permanent. If you are suffering from the pain of loss, the next day and week and month and year is ahead of you for healing and rebuilding.

Let the light from the full moon illuminate the path to the next phase of your own life.

Dance and sing with friends …


Reflect upon the moon phase from the day you were born, how many full moons you have seen in that time and how many more you will see, each one lighting a different part of your life (and a different you) …

Harness the full moon energy as a gift from the goddess to complete projects and to solidify plans …

In about 29.5 days there will be another full moon. The moon will wane and wax and we will have successes and failures, happiness and sadness, joy and pain. Focus on the successes, learn from the failures but embrace the earth and her cycles and those around you.

Bright full moon blessings to you!



  1. Some losses are big and some are small. Their relative size does not always correspond completely with the pain we feel from them.

    Grab some full moon energy to heal and let her light shine on the good and positive in your lives.

  2. I’ve been watching the moon for the last few days. I thought it was full yesterday, but I was just loony! Or maybe going through another phase.

    • Ar ar. I am glad you kept the moon jokes clean. I have photos of you, you know. 😉

      Nice to “see” you, trashablanca.

  3. Very nice, thank you!


    • Thanks for stopping by! Nice to “see” you, sberel.

  4. Beautiful JanF…I found this perfect diary at the perfect time…also seeing T & S put a smile on face…last night we decided to remove all supporting treatments…all she has left is morphine for the pain and family and friends crowding around her…as much of her body has stopped working, it was not a completely uncomfortable decision…but still not easy…she has seen and enjoyed many cycles…the last 18 cycles have been difficult, but not without some enjoyment…last night’s drive home thru the mountains with the full moon leading us the whole way was very relaxing…we will be heading back after the little one gets out of school…peace to all, Glen

    • I am so sorry, Glen. I hope that your family can take solace in the fact that her pain will soon be ending.

      (Your avatar is quite excellent, by the way)

      • yes and thank you…I’ve already listened to your music video about a dozen times…very beautiful.

        • I used to sing that with other like minded folks in harmony. It is beautiful to hear and when you sing it, it tends to carry you to places you can only feel.

          • It’s interesting how things are given to us when we need them… but we have to recognize it. Thank you for giving this to Glen, he is taking much from yours and J Town friend’s support.

            The moon’s phases are indeed a beautiful metaphor for hope and loss. I think I’ll expand on this metaphor in the therapy room.

    • My thoughts are with you and your family Glen,
      I have found the death of my mother to be one of life’s most difficult passages. May you find comfort.

  5. Thank you for the thoughts of healing and rebuilding Jan.
    Last night my sister and I were enjoying the full moon, and finding comfort as we remembered our parents and our brother…….and talked about life challenges, and the opportunities for personal growth such challenges bring our way!

    • Thanks for visiting, princesspat. Last night the moon was not full but she had a beautiful orange hue as she came up over the horizon shrouded in wispy clouds. Her beauty is in both her changing face and her constancy.

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