Posted by: JanF | October 15, 2011

Job Creators or Job Creation?

The difference between the Republican party and the Democratic party is never so stark as when the two parties talk about jobs.

A few days ago, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), whined that the president is not paying attention to the jobs bills that the GOP congress is promoting. The Republicans call it the “Plan for America’s Job Creators”.

Republicans can’t even bring themselves to mention the jobless in their plans for fear of showing that they care one whit about the unemployed.

President Obama has been talking about jobs since he unveiled his plan in September. But he has been talking about how jobs are created for people and focusing on the unemployed who will be put back to work … not the 1% that will have more profits to buy a bottle (or two) of fine wine.

Even if we could get past the problem of the Republican “jobs” bill focusing on people who have no interest in creating jobs and promoting policies that have not worked in 40 years (“but maybe if we tap our heels together!“), a Moody’s economist points out that the GOP plans would likely plunge the economy back into recession:

Moody’s Analytics estimated that Obama’s American Jobs Act would create 1.9 million jobs, grow the economy by 2 percent and cut unemployment by a percentage point. […]

Republicans’ lofty claims about what their jobs bill will accomplish have centered around “reducing uncertainty” and “restoring confidence,” but [Gus Faucher, the director of macroeconomics at Moody’s Analytics,] points out “that’s not an economic argument” and there’s no way to evaluate how or if the plan would have any impact on employers’ confidence. Furthermore, Faucher says Republicans’ insistence on including a Balanced Budget Amendment is “likely to push the economy back into recession.”

The “economic downturn” (fancy words to describe the despair many Americans are feeling as they face a 3rd year looking for non-existent jobs) is fueled by a lack of demand. Corporate tax cuts and suspending government regulations will not increase demand. Demand is increased by getting money into the hands of the many spenders (the 99%), not the few hoarders (the 1%).

Demand will be created by infrastructure rebuilding programs that create jobs and generate paychecks, by unemployment insurance payments that are spent immediately, and by payroll tax holidays that put more money in the hands of those who spend money in our local economy.

One wag in the comments of the article about the GOP “plan” suggested that the Republicans have a “‘Plan for Job Creationists’ 1) Cut taxes. 2) Pray for the Rapture.”

The Republicans and their enablers better hope for the rapture because they are creating a hell on earth whose flames are starting to lap up to their gated mansions.

Job creation is all about putting people back to work. President Obama’s plan will do that … the Republican’s plan will not.

When history looks back at this moment in time, it will not be difficult sorting out the heroes from the villains.

Let’s focus on job creation … the kind that actually creates jobs.



  1. President Obama is still focused like a laserbeam on job creation. And the heat from their constituents is starting to make the GOP congressmen a bit uncomfortable. How long can they flog the dead horse of “tax cuts on the wealthy create jobs” before people finally say “Stop it … bury the horse already and do something to help Americans!”.

    The 99% may not have much money but until the Robert’s Supreme Court repeals “one person, one vote” and replaces it with “one dollar, one vote” we can vote out those who won’t work on our behalf.

  2. The “job creators” sure think a lot of themselves. A form of self-worship perhaps? I am astonished by their sense of entitlement.

    • It is a stunning lack of self-awareness. I was laughing about how the GOP is now walking back their earlier comments.

      Maybe they finally figured out that while they need the1% to fund their campaigns, they still need the 99% to get elected.

      From ThinkProgress: Video: Republicans Change Their Tune on the 99 Percent Movement

      After leading the denigration and belittling of the movement, some softened their tone, offering understanding and compassion for those in the 99 percent movement.

      Pretty hypocritical of the Republicans. Oh, wait. That is redundant.

    • Oh and nice to see you TFLS! Cute avatar.