Posted by: JanF | October 29, 2011

Saturday Videos – October 29, 2011

Saturday dawns and this is my excuse to spend time on the Comedy Central web site to “find” one or two videos to share.


Stephen Colbert – The Colbert Report

Alabama’s Migrant Workers

Alabama tries to free up farm jobs for Americans by strengthening immigration laws, but there’s a small hiccup in the plan.

And why the “I Told You So” banner?

Exclusive – Hey! Remember This, Alabama?

In this web-only exclusive, Stephen shares with Congress his vast experience spending one day as a migrant farm worker.


Jon Stewart – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Indecision 2012 – Scared Mittless

When it comes to his polling numbers, Mitt Romney remains consistent despite his shocking inconsistency in every other regard.




  1. I do believe that “I am not the kind of guy who says ‘I told you so’ … I’m the kind of guy who makes it a banner” may be the funniest thing I have heard this week.

    The second Colbert clip is his congressional testimony.