Posted by: JanF | March 11, 2012

They’re baaaaack!!

Spring is 9 days away.

On March 20th, the vernal equinox occurs at 9:39 U.T. which is 5:39am Eastern or 4:39am my time.

But the harbingers of spring have arrived. And on a day when the temperature is expected to be 61 degrees it is okay to talk about spring.

This morning I opened a window in my office and heard the sounds of the Sandhill Cranes who live all summer long in the wetlands behind my house but who had migrated south for the winter.

(Not My Cranes but still very nice)

Last week red-winged blackbirds showed up at the feeders.


A robin was sighted in the back yard on Friday.


I was delighted to see the shoots of the daffodils and crocuses in my planting beds yesterday:
And I know that soon they will bloom and that will be even more delightful!

How do I know this? Because not only does Hope Spring Eternal but the cycle of the earth guarantees that you are never that far away from the next joyous phase of each new season.

Have a wonderful getting-closer-to-spring day!



  1. The sounds of the sand hill crane is quite distinctive and hard to miss and mistake. I’m happy they are back along with the crocus bringing us all the reminders of rebirth and filling us with renewed hope.

    Thanks for sharing your signs of spring, Jan!

    • You’re welcome, JaxDem! The signs of spring are obviously different in different parts of the country. You spot differences in the birds you see and possibly changes in which flowers are blooming.

      Thank you for visiting, my friend.

  2. Seasonal change…..I watch the old maple trees as the buds form and the leaves emerge. Today I see a pattern of branches against a grey sky, but I know one morning soon I’ll see buds forming. I love watching the seasons change in my old trees.

    • The moment when the buds start forming is very magical. A friend’s mother called it “the trees getting round”. Indeed, they start taking on a subtle new shape … not quite leaves but the promise of leaves.

      Thank you for reading, princesspat.