Posted by: JanF | May 17, 2012

Why I Vote For Democrats: Connections

Every once in a while, I see and read something that reminds me that what we have as Democrats is very special.

My Connection

Movements for real and lasting change are sustained by the relationships we build with one another.

~ Michelle Obama

We all have families, some by birth, some by choice. One of my families of choice is the family of Progressive Democrats: people like me who want to make our country and our world better for ourselves and for those who come after us. That family — those relationships — are our connections to each other and forge our movement for real and lasting change.

Here is another connection … a Wisconsin connection:

Famous Democrats Michelle Obama and bleeding heart meeting in Wisconsin — Ground Zero for small-d and Big-d Democracy in 2011, 2012 and Beyond


Connections: real human connections … another reason I Vote For Democrats and why you should too.