Posted by: JanF | July 12, 2012

Waning moons and positive change

A waning moon cycle, which we have been in since July 3rd, is a good time to rid oneself of negativity: to diminish negative feelings as the corresponding light of the moon is diminished. When this cycle ends on July 19th, things in our lives which are harmful to us can be drained … and space made for positive feelings and that which is good.

Sometimes an event occurs that seems inexplicable and connecting it to the current moon cycle can help us understand the forces that may be pulling us one way or another and influencing our actions. So when change occurs at the waning moon, we should consider what might be negative or toxic that needs to be removed from our lives.

And as so often happens, when we work on this self-discovery, words move around in our heads. When they finally light, we realize that they were leading us somewhere.

The words “change is gonna do you good” had been following me around for about a week. And it turns out that they are attached to a song and some lyrics that may lead me to my next cycle.


From Etta James:

Drained of emotion
Tears run dry
I would give anything
Just to feel all right

Down on my knees
Praying for help
But sometimes you just gotta help yourself

I tried so hard to be someone you would love
Seems I would never try hard enough
Though I love you, got to give you up
I’m going back to who I was
And I do believe that change is gonna do me good

Let’s take this moment to say goodbye
Look at each other right straight in the eye
Don’t look back, baby, because I’ll be gone
I’ve got my own life to carry on


I do believe
change, change is gonna do me good
change, change is gonna do me good

Sometimes that next cycle, surprisingly, can lead you back to yourself.



  1. Perfect. Every single word is perfect.

    You know you’ve done well when your reader thinks you’ve written entirely about her when you have not.

    You did well, Jan.

    • Well, sometimes my posts *are* about me and sometimes they aren’t … although they are almost always about something that is touching me.

      I hope that the advice about releasing negativity is useful to others. While the “let’s take this moment to say goodbye” may be sad, reclaiming yourself can only be good. And sometimes change *will* do us good if for no other reason than it gets you out of a place where you might be feeling sorry for yourself. Time to move on. Drain your negative energy and open yourself up to new positive energy.

      Thanks for visiting, Mary Ann.