Posted by: JanF | August 21, 2012

Climate Change SOS: We Really Can’t Afford to Wait

There are few issues that scream NOW more loudly than the need for action to address climate change.

If news of the hottest July ever did not get your attention or this year’s 27,042 daily temperature records set through August 5th did not get your attention or maybe the worst drought since 1956 did not get your attention then maybe this picture, from Climate Central’s interactive tool showing July 2012, will:

Climate change is an issue that is important for our future: for our very survival … not just for a better tomorrow but for any tomorrow at all.

Like the kids in the car asking their parents “are we there yet? are we there yet?” the answer is “yup, we’re there”. We can’t kick the can down the road any longer because the road is flooded over by rising seas and the waves are simply tossing it back to us.

Famous geek rb137 in her post yesterday put it best:

We are past a tipping point with climate denial, and it is past time to demand solutions.

For our sake and for our children’s sake, let’s light a (metaphorical) fire under our legislators and make some real progress towards the better world envisioned in this political cartoon:

“Energy independence, preserve rainforests, sustainability, green jobs, livable cities, renewables, clean water and air, healthy children, etc. etc.”

Fixing this is a win-win. Let’s demand that our politicians spend some political capital and get it done.

(Originally posted as part of a Climate Change SOS Blogathon on, August 21, 2012)