Posted by: JanF | September 30, 2012

Prairie Fires and New Growth

September 30 is always a day of personal reflection for me. The day arrived with the full moon having manifested just a few hours before midnight and after the fall colors were becoming more visible in the stand of trees behind our wetlands.

This year I reflected on cleansing flames and new growth.

Earlier in the year, I had watched with alarm at how a metaphorical fire appeared to have burned down something I held dear. After a period of mourning, the ashes were swept aside and life continued its inexorable march … as it always does after bumps in the road.

What I have noticed after the burnoff is amazing. Much like a prairie fire will burn away the weeds and accumulated dead plant material and allow space for other things to emerge, the fire appeared to have cleared the way for new growth. Beautiful wildflowers, which had not been seen before (or for some time), started sprouting then blooming, their seeds long dormant beneath the weeds and invasive species which had taken over that space.

Ugly became beautiful, anger became joy, hatred became love, the foothold that selfishness had found crumbled under its own weight and caring returned.

From loss came gain and it was both beautiful and heartening because of its hopefulness and as a metaphor for life.

Anniversaries of important dates, the visible changes of the seasons, and the cycles of the moon can all bring us to introspection. Take time to reflect on what is happening in nature and your own life, find something new where you were certain there was only sadness, clear away personal debris and allow for new growth.

(“The flames point skyward”)

As you look skyward, rediscover yourself and recover the things that are important. They are never truly lost … they are simply buried like long dormant seeds, ready to return beauty to your life.



  1. Thank you Jan, Your thoughtful reflective words are good for me to read today

    • Thank you for reading, princesspat.