Posted by: JanF | January 4, 2013

Finally, Friday

The week started with Our Nation perilously close to the Fiscal Cliff.

“Jump, Jump!”, said some.

“Fix, Fix!”, said others. Frantic folks (and furry friends!) looked on fearfully.

We had seen this before.

Calls for sanity rang out.

The clock was ticking.

The countdown started on New Years Eve. SOMETHING big was going to happen. And it did!!

But unfortunately that was not exactly what we were waiting for.

Quick … get my smelling salts. Senators voted for something!!

On to the House. Oh, this does NOT look good.

But then … a New Years Day miracle. The House of Representatives voted to pass a bill that the Senate had passed and the President signed it. That sounded like “a law”.


And now, it is Finally Friday. Phew!
(Hey, it’s an F sound! Darned Purists …)

(I want to thank “trite images taken from the Internet” for making this possible)



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