Posted by: JanF | August 3, 2013

Oh, Cheese! Not Vermont!!!

In an udder disaster for Dairy State Dairyerres, a Vermont cheese has won the award for Best of Show in the American Cheese Society competition held in Madison WI:

Best of Show
Cellars at Jasper Hill, VT

Local media reported on this creaming by the out-of-state cheesemakers:

Winnimere, a soft, spoonable cheese made by Vermont’s Cellars at Jasper Hill, was named Best of Show at the annual conference’s award ceremony. The award honors the best artisanal and specialty cheese in North America.

In queso you missed it, here is what makes this cheese so special:

The winning Winnimere is a unique cheese in the U.S. It is made from raw milk from Jasper Hill cows and wrapped in spruce bark from trees grown on the property. The rind is washed in beer.

“It’s a miracle of cheesemaking that we can produce a cheese like this in this country,” said Jasper Hill cheesemaker Manteo Kehler.

The trick, Kehler said, is that a raw milk cheese like his can be sold after aging 21 days in Europe. In the U.S., regulations require raw milk cheese to age 60 days before being sold.

“To wait 60 days, you have to be a better cheesemaker,” he said. “There’s so much precision that’s required.”

But the locals did not come a-whey empty handed:

Seventeen of the 104 categories were won by Wisconsin products and Wisconsin products won 89 ribbons overall. There were 1,794 cheeses entered.

The American Cheese Society, besides sponsoring cheese shows, provides a web site where you can churn through pages of useful information including these helpful links:

Think you know your cheese? Think you are a font expert? Test your knowledge and see if you can tell a cheese from a font.

Keep all the cheese information you need right at hand – on your cellphone.
There’s an app for that.

…with the right wine using the Wisconsin Cheese Cupid

Oh, grate, you say? All this talk of cheese has you feeling bleu? It curd be worse … I was very cowful not to brie up any unpleasantness that may have made you unhappy if it had passedyoureyes.

All I can say is: Wheyt until next year, Vermont! We will not cow-er in the face of your Winn(imere)ing. We cheeseheads are feeling very gouda about our chances.