Posted by: JanF | January 20, 2015

“Bring out your dead!”: Republican replacement for the Affordable Care Act

A recent Vox-planation about the options available to Republicans as they decide what to “do” with the Affordable Care Act had this marvelous comment from one of the leading lights on the right, Cato’s Michael Cannon:

“Conservatives are falling into the same trap now that they fell into with fighting the Clinton health plan … they’re conceding the left’s premises that the government should be trying to provide everybody with health insurance”.

Indeed, the conservatives would not want to fall into the “trap” of believing that letting people get sick and die is somehow wrong!! 😦 I hope that they never control all three branches of government … they should never be given the option of testing their theory that we simply need to invest in enough carts to wheel away the dead.

Of course, the Affordable Care Act does not provide direct health care, it provides a means for people to be able to afford health insurance, a for-profit multi-billion dollar industry. The law also included a provision to provide additional federal funding to the states to expand Medicaid but the Republican Death Panel (aka, The Roberts Supreme Court) determined that helping “the poors” was not the business of the government and made that optional. In Arkansas, Chief Justice John Roberts will get to see his ideological opinion fuse with public policy:

Arkansas’s unique Medicaid expansion plan survived uncertain re-approval in 2014, and early signs in 2015 suggest the program could run into some trouble again. […]

The program [which must be re-approved every year] is contending with [Republican Asa] Hutchinson and a batch of newly elected Republican lawmakers who ran against it. The funding must be approved by three-fourths of the state legislature every year. […]

Now Hutchinson is in the governor’s house, and a number of Republicans are taking office after campaigning against Obamacare. Some don’t sound interested in keeping the program around.[…]

More than 200,000 low-income residents are covered by Arkansas’s Medicaid expansion program.

So a person who may have started treatment for a life threatening ailment under the Medicaid expansion, will have that treatment cancelled.

Elections Matter. In this case it may well be a matter of life or death.



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