Posted by: JanF | May 18, 2016

Please Don’t Bust This

There are two political parties in America. One of the them just nominated Donald Trump as their presidential candidate.

The other party is the Democratic Party.

When you attack the Democratic Party, you don’t attack the DNC or DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, you attack every Democrat who has worked their butts off to make the Democratic Party a party that can win national elections.

You attack Barack Obama.

You attack Al Franken and Elizabeth Warren and Tammy Baldwin and John Lewis and Keith Ellison.

You attack Paul Wellstone and Lyndon Baines Johnson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

And you should stop. Now.

The Republican Party does not have anything for working people, for women, for people of color, for immigrants, for the unemployed, for the elderly, for the young, for college kids, for people who are not the majority race or the majority religion.

Nothing, zero, zilch, nada.

And when you don’t vote for Democrats, you are effectively voting for Republicans.

It is not #CandidateNameOrBust – it is simply #Bust.

Bust for the 20 million Americans who would lose health care if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.

Bust for the working poor who will never get a minimum wage increase and who will lose food stamps and housing assistance.

Bust for Muslims, bust for undocumented immigrants, bust for public schools, bust for women seeking birth control, bust for our planet.

Now, go bust your butts to elect Democrats up and down the ballot.

Do this as if your life depends on it. Because it does.



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